# hackerspace.zone ![vt100 terminal with a text adventure game](https://docs.hackerspace.zone/uploads/18415da1-61c2-4c93-a883-89a349c76394.jpg =400x) This site is a demo of how several useful open source, self-hosted tools can be combined with single-sign-on to make it easy for a community to quickly setup their own decentralized private infrastructure to host their data without depending on the big tech companies. Using a shared identity across all of the separate tools makes it easy to onboard new users, as well to control administration, moderation, and updates. There is a longer [mission statement](/mission) that goes into detail about they "_why?_" of some of the choices and the overall goals of the project. ## Sub-sites Visit [Hackerspace Zone's](https://hackerspace.zone) self hosted sub-sites: * [matrix.hackerspace.zone](https://matrix.hackerspace.zone/): realtime e2e federated chat with [matrix.org](https://matrix.org/) * [docs.hackerspace.zone](https://docs.hackerspace.zone/): collaborative document editing with [HedgeDoc](https://hedgedoc.org/) * [social.hackerspace.zone](https://social.hackerspace.zone/): federated social media with [Mastodon](https://joinmastodon.org/) * [pixelfed.hackerspace.zone](https://pixelfed.hackerspace.zone/): image sharing [Pixelfed](https://pixelfed.org/) * [events.hackerspace.zone](https://events.hackerspace.zone/): event planning with [FramaSoft's Mobilizon](https://joinmobilizon.org/en/) * [cloud.hackerspace.zone](https://cloud.hackerspace.zone/): self hosted documents and calendaring with [Nextcloud](https://nextcloud.com/) * [dashboard.hackerspace.zone](https://dashboard.hackerspace.zone/): dashboards and statistic collection with [Grafana](https://grafana.com/) * [git.hackerspace.zone](https://git.hackerspace.zone/): source code hosting with [Gitea](https://gitea.io/en-us/) * [login.hackerspace.zone](https://login.hackerspace.zone/): single sign on and user management for the domain with [Keycloak](https://www.keycloak.org/) ## Showcase These sites are running on top of hackerspace-zone * [basement.woodbine.nyc](https://basement.woodbine.nyc) - maker space in the basement of [woodbine.nyc](https://woodbine.nyc) * [v.st](https://v.st) - community group of nerds in Amsterdam ## Upcoming events <!-- this doesn't appear in the docs domain due to CSP, but does show up on the main domain --> <iframe src="https://hackerspace.zone/html/calview.html?ics=https://events.hackerspace.zone/@events/feed/ics" width="100%" height=600 style="border:0"></iframe> ## Source code and issues Source code for building the environments and configuring them: * [`github.com/osresearch/hackerspace-zone`](https://github.com/osresearch/hackerspace-zone) * [`git.hackerspace.zone/hudson/hackerspace-zone`](https://git.hackerspace.zone/hudson/hackerspace-zone). There is [probably a better way to do this](https://github.com/osresearch/hackerspace-zone/issues/1), so feel free to open issues and make suggestions. ## Account Management * Keycloak * [User account](https://login.hackerspace.zone/realms/hackerspace/account) * [Realm management](https://login.hackerspace.zone/admin/hackerspace/console) * Mastodon * [Admin dashboard](https://social.hackerspace.zone/admin/dashboard) * [Moderation dashboard](https://social.hackerspace.zone/admin/reports) * Mastodon doesn't set roles via SSO ([issue 18335](https://github.com/mastodon/mastodon/issues/18335)). To make a user admin from the command line as `root` requires the username: ```shell cd mastodon docker-compose exec -T mastodon \ bin/tootctl accounts modify USERNAME --role admin ``` * Mobilizon * Mobilizon doesn't set roles via SSO ([issue 1105](https://framagit.org/framasoft/mobilizon/-/issues/1105), on roadmap for 2.2). To make a user admin from the command line as <tt>root</tt> requires the registered email address: ```shell cd mobilizon docker-compose exec -T mobilizon \ bin/mobilizon_ctl users.modify EMAIL --admin ``` * Hedgedoc doesn't have roles, so there is no need to configure admin * Grafana roles need to be figured out: https://community.grafana.com/t/grafana-keycloak-role-mapping/41191 * Gitea seems to make the first user admin; need to track down roles. * Matrix roles?